Custom mirrors
  • Custom sizes

    Choose the mirror’s
    dimensions to
    the exact centimetre

  • Bevelled edges

    Options: simple
    elegance or classy
    bevelled edges

  • Diverse frame selection

    Over 100 different
    frames to
    choose from

  • Perfect hanging hardware

    Simple, tried and true:
    the WhiteWall
    aluminium rail

  • First-class material

    Highly reflective
    surface from
    Saint Gobain

Mirror, mirror on the wall … WhiteWall has the prettiest of them all!

Who says a mirror is only as good as the reflection in it? Not at WhiteWall! Our mirrors live up to your wildest expectations. Tell us the size you want it, and as long as it’s within our maximum dimensions, we’ll make it for you. Keep it simple, or spruce it up with bevelled edges. And with over a hundred frames to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for you and your mirror image.

It’s all smooth sailing with our mirrors

WhiteWall’s mirrors are brilliant and of the highest quality; thanks to a special silver layer, they’re practically beaming. The highly-reflective Saint Gobain surface is directly applied to the glass and sealed under multiple layers of lacquer. Throughout the process of producing the 4 mm-thick mirrors, WhiteWall abstains from using copper or lead, meaning our mirrors aren’t just particularly long-lasting, but also environmentally friendly.

our mirrors
WhiteWall’s mirrors are multifaceted

Sorry diamonds, these bevelled edges are just for mirrors! Of course, you can have it without the bevelled edges if you want to keep your mirror simple and understated: just the mirror’s natural beauty. But any way you slice it, a mirror from WhiteWall is always going to be in good taste.

bevelled edges
WhiteWall keeps a good frame of reference

You can’t go wrong with any of WhiteWall’s frames. Our frames are always top quality. With a selection of over 100 mouldings made of oak, alder, cherry, maple, or walnut, you will always find what you’re looking for. The wood comes exclusively from sustainable forests. In this way, your new mirror from WhiteWall is truly a reflection of your good side.

WhiteWall’s frames
Dream Big

If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit – long before you go to hang your mirror up. Your wish is our command: specify the size of your WhiteWall mirror to the centimetre . From a little tile to a full-length panorama, our mirrors will always have a powerful effect.

Minimum dimensions: 9 x 9 cm (frameless), 25 x 25 cm (framed)
Maximum size: 160 x 100 cm

specify the size
Out of the box and onto the wall

Not everything was better in the past. Just think how much of a pain it was just to hang a picture. WhiteWall helps these memories to quickly fade away. Practical hanging hardware is a WhiteWall standard. You can hang even large-format mirrors with the greatest of ease in no time flat. It won’t cost you anything or test your nerves. WhiteWall won’t leave you hanging – just your mirror.

Formats & Prices

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