Acrylic Print with Slimline Case
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Wall mount included: value!
Wall-Mount included:
A value!

Sophisticated Aluminium Frame
1/16"-thick (2mm) Acrylic Glass
High-End Photo Papers
Aluminium Dibond Backing
Permanently Elastic Silicone Seal
Case with a Silver Look
Glossy or Matte
Four Variations
Sturdy Protection
Durable, No Bubbles

Your Photo as an Acrylic Print in a Slimline Case

  • Modern aluminum case
  • Mounted under 2 mm-thick acrylic glass
  • 4 high-quality, brand-name papers
  • Permanently elastic silicone seal
  • Individual, custom formats
  • Includes wall-mount
Exact Custom
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Brilliant Color

Slimline Case: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Acrylic Photos

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Die Kaschierung

With the minimalistic Slimline Case, your Acrylic Photo has a clearly defined, yet subtle border with a silver look. At just 1 mm, this frame is very thin, so it fits with all images. You can create a very effect contrast to the silver colour with images that have very dark or richly coloured areas near the edges. The Slimline Case is available with any 1/16" (2 mm) acrylic glass mounting: Original Photo Prints Under Glossy or Matte Acrylic, ultraHD Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass, and Metallic Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass. With a shallow depth of 0.5 cm, the Slimline Case does not align exactly with the acrylic, meaning the artwork protrudes 1.5 mm out of the frame for a truly stunning effect.

  • [1] 1 mm wide aluminium case
  • [2] 0.5 cm deep
  • [3] Sophisticated silver look with a subtle effect

Glossy or Matte: Crystal Clear Acrylic Glass

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Das Markenfotopapier

The lightweight and shatterproof 1/16" (2 mm) thick acrylic glass enhances your picture’s effect. The glossy variation brings out the luminosity of the colours and provides an additional sense of depth to the picture. The matte acrylic glass subtly accents the colour and depth while also preventing reflections.

  • Glossy acrylic: Rich colours and sublte depth
  • Matte acrylic for a clear view without reflections
  • Light, stable, and shatterproof – UV protection included

High-End Brand-Name Papers for Your Photos Under Acrylic Glass in a Slimline Case

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Die schützende Rückwand

High-tech laser exposure, classic wet development, and first-class photo papers ensure dependable, premium quality from WhiteWall. For your acrylic photo print in an aluminium Slimline frame, we offer the following brand-name papers to bring out the best in your picture:

  • [1] A classic choice for all kinds of images: Fuji Crystal DP II
  • [2] Unrivalled choice for enormous resolution: ultraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal DP II
  • [3] The favorite for black & white photos: Ilford B/W
  • [4] An effective choice for colorful, metallic looks: Kodak Metallic

Stable and Durable: Your Photo in a Slimline Case with an Aluminium Dibond Backing

At just 1/8" (3 mm) thick, aluminium Dibond makes the perfect backing for your photos mounted under acrylic glass. The backing is sturdy, lightweight, and prevents all light from shining through. At the same time, its triple layer construction (2 platinum white aluminium panels [1 + 3] sandwiching a polyethylene core [2]) protects your photo from getting damaged or bending.

  • Stability and protection
  • 1/8" (3 mm)-thick backing
  • Sturdy construction, completely opaque
Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Die schützende Rückwand

Permanently Elastic Silicone Seal for Your Acrylic Glass Picture in a Slimline Case

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Beliebteste Formate

At WhiteWall, we use silicone instead of glue to adhere different materials to each other. Silicone protects and seals, but is also elastic and absorbs various expansions and contractions in the material due to changes in temperature. To us, this makes it the perfect ingredient for long-lasting, bubble and crack-free mounting in a Slimline Case.

  • [1] High transparency and neutral in colour
  • [2] Permanently elastic without bubbling or tearing
  • [3] Optimal sealing and protection

Made to Measure: Your Slimline Frame in Bespoke Formats

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, Beliebteste Formate

Select a Slimline Frame in a custom format to go with your photo under acrylic glass. We offer a diverse range of standard formats from small to extra-large, square, or in landscape or portrait orientation. We are also happy to make your Slimline Frame to the exact dimensions you specify within our maximum size limit.

  • Minimum size for all acrylic pictures: 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Maximum size for Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass: 270 cm x 180 cm
  • Maximum size for the ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass: 248 cm x 122 cm
  • Maximum size for Matte Acrylic and Metallic Prints: 180 cm x 120 cm

Easy to Hang, Ready to Present: Acrylic Glass Pictures with a Slimline Case

At WhiteWall, your pieces come standard with practical wall-mounts on the back. You can immediately and securely hang your Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass with a Slimline Case thanks to the pre-installed aluminium rails.

  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails for formats with an edge between 26 cm and 50 cm
  • [1] Aluminium rail rectangle for formats with an edge over 50 cm
  • Both options are suitable for gallery ledges

  • Available without the wall-mount upon request

Custom and Secure Packaging for Shipping Your Acrylic Glass Picture with a Slimline Case

Acrylglas in Aluminium-Einfassung, ArtSecurity-Verpackungen

Your Acrylic Glass Picture with a Slimline Case is securely packaged for delivery in tailor-made cartons. The made-to-measure padded cover protects your art during transport and ensures it will reach you in pristine condition.

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Aluminium Frames from WhiteWall: Timeless Design with a Sophisticated Look

Our aluminium Slimline Frame is the versatile option for your framed photo. The frame’s very small width and depth bring out the best qualities in your acrylic photo. Your photo with an aluminium frame appears modern and sophisticated. Like our other first-class picture frames, this fine aluminium frame focuses attention on your photo under acrylic glass. In our vast product range, we have other silver-colored frames for you. Discover our aluminium standard frame and the Aluminium ArtBox.