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Glossy Acrylic Glass: A Crystal Clear View of Your Photo

A Direct Print Behind Acrylic Glass is a great introduction to the aesthetic benefits of acrylic. The crystal clear surface is 1/16" (2 mm) thick [1] and adds a subtle depth to the image while accentuating the colours.thick and adds a subtle depth to the image while accentuating the colours.

  • The look: Glossy and crystal clear with crisp contours
  • The characteristics: Lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and exhibit
  • The effect: Subtle depth and vivid colours for a great first step into the world of acrylic glass
  • The durability: UV-protected and shatterproof for guaranteed brilliance and a crystal clear view
Your Photo as a Direct Print Behind Acrylic Glass

Next generation technology has made direct prints an affordable alternative to mounted acrylic photo prints. Our six-colour printing process, which uses UV-curable inks, reproduces the image in high-resolution and with great detail directly on the underside of the acrylic glass.

  • High saturation: The six-colour print ensures great coverage for intense colours
  • High coverage: aluminium Dibond backing ensures reliable rendering, even if there’s lots of white
  • Finesse: This printing technique offers a good colour gamut to reproduce the minutest details
Aluminium Dibond Backing: Beauty and Strength – Your Acrylic Glass Print

The 1/8" (3 mm) aluminium Dibond backing consists of a black polyethylene core [2] sandwiched between 2 aluminium sheets coated platinum-white [1 + 3]. A triple-layered composite material, it ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Ideal for a gallery-quality presentation in any format.

  • Ensures stability and durability
  • Makes oversized and panorama formats possible
  • A timeless look for photos mounted under acrylic glass
Made to Measure Formats: Your Direct Print Behind Acrylic Glass

We create your direct Print Behind Acrylic in the exact dimensions of your choice from mini to extra-large. Available with optional cut or rounded corners. You can also choose one of our special panorama or circular formats, or you can set your own custom aspect ratio.

  • Available in 1/16" (2 mm) thick acrylic glass with a 1/8" (3 mm) aluminium Dibond backing
  • Minimum dimensions: 3.5"x3.5" (9 x 9 cm), Maximum dimensions: 70"x48" (180 x 122 cm )
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Custom Frames for Direct Prints Behind Acrylic Glass: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Our Direct Prints Behind Acrylic Glass always arrive ready to hang. A frame, however, can provide an additional accent, add a decorative touch, or help reinforce the picture’s overall effect. A frame creates visual closure and directs the viewer’s attention to the image itself. We offer over 100 frame models in various materials and colours, and they all arrive ready to hang in both landscape and portrait orientation.

  • Style: Modern, Cottage, Classic or Loft
  • Materials: Solid wood with real wood veneers or aluminium
  • Production: Made by hand in our in-house workshop

> More info on our frames
Integrated Mountings For Acrylic Glass Prints: Ready To Hang

The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely. Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price:

  • [1] Hooks: for pictures with edges of 9.8" (25 cm) or less
  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 10" - 19.7" (26 – 50 cm)
  • [3] Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 19.7"
    (50 cm)

  • You can also order your laminated image without mountings on request
  • All mountings are compatible with gallery ledge
Custom and Secure Packaging for Shipping Your Direct Prints Behind Acrylic Glass

Your Direct Print Behind Acrylic Glass is securely packaged for delivery in tailor-made cartons. The made-to-measure padded cover protects your art during transport and ensures it will reach you in pristine condition.

ICC Colour Profiles

Reliable colour management is an absolute must for professionals. ICC colour profiles allow exact colour matching while taking the print medium and printing technology into account.
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Formats & Prices

The different acrylic thicknesses and formats result in a broad range of prices. An affordable gift or professional addition to the gallery. A great value at any price.
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Award-Winning Lab

More professionals trust us than they do any other photo lab. We’ve got numerous consumer tests and recommendations from specialist publications that show why.
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Glossy acrylic glass for your direct print
Print under acrylic glass: Contemporary and efficient
The gift of time: Photos under acrylic glass

Good photos speak for themselves and need no enhancement. Or you would think so. What if there were an affordable option that turns your good photo into a great one? Wouldn’t you place your wonderful memory of the unforgettably beautiful sunset you witnessed at Miradouro da Graça in Lisbon over your sofa in the living room? Glossy acrylic glass multiplies the quality of your image at a thickness of just 1/16" (2 mm) – and offers crystal clear views from an entirely new perspective. Photo prints are an affordable, yet high-quality alternative to laminating an original photo print under acrylic glass. Show and share your memories and immerse yourself in the depth of the infinite landscape of Death Valley or the breathtaking colour brilliance of a Portuguese sunset.

Some nostalgics may mutter: Only original photo prints are the real thing. To be honest: We do love our original photo prints under acrylic glass! And yes, they still are the standard in galleries. But WhiteWall moves with the times and is always open to innovation. When new developments turn out to be as great as the UV techniques in direct prints, we open our arms wide and embrace these innovations wholeheartedly. Going with the times is a prerequisite for a successful economy – and of course for being taken seriously in your profession. We and our customers have great mutual trust and respect. They trust us to only offer products that meet our high quality requirements. Direct prints under acrylic glass tick all the boxes – and that at an unbeatable price.

It always seems like everyone has their birthdays around the same time – almost like Christmas, when the number of people to find presents for seems to escalate each year. Presents always mean extra expenses. Especially if you have to get a whole lot of them. Plus it should be something special and from the heart. The acrylic glass products by WhiteWall come in a whole range of prices – and your present is guaranteed to be memorable, no matter what you choose. We offer original photo prints under glossy or matt acrylic glass, direct prints under acrylic glass, acrylic blocks and a variety of acrylic stands. Presents suddenly no longer pose a problem – and you might find a little something for yourself while you are at it. Even if you order ten acrylic blocks, you will still receive each one as a unique present – provided you chose individual images, of course. Memories of very special moments, mementos that encapsulate time. And what could be a better gift than time?

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