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Wall mount included: value!
Wall-Mount included:
A value!

High-quality photo paper:
Crystal clear specialist resin:
Robust aluminium Dibond backing
Custom formats:
Uncomplicated wall mounting included in the price
For highest detail density and brilliant colours
For a high gloss finish with organically rounded edges
Robust in any size
Exact dimensions to your specifications
Aluminium rail
Exact Custom
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Color Management
with ICC Profiles
Brilliant Color
Specialist resin with rounded edges: The laminating is as clear as if it were viewed through water

The liquefied specialist resin is carefully poured over your laminated picture [1] in a dust-free clean room. It flows to the edge of the picture where it cures and forms the rounded edge [2] typical for specialist resin. The specialist resin encases and seals your photo, creating an ultra-transparent, brilliant finish for a crystal clear view of the image. It multiplies the colour brilliance and depth of field even more than acrylic glass.

  • For visual depth, crisp details and brilliant colours
  • Reliable durability and UV protection
High-quality photo paper: Colour brilliance for your laminate under specialist resin

We guarantee excellent colour rendering and 75 years of brilliance for your original photo print. We use only premium quality, branded photo paper:

  • Fuji Crystal DP II: The Classic – for pictures of all kinds and various image contrasts
Aluminium Dibond backing: Beauty and strength

The triple-layer system consisting of a black polyethylene core [2] sandwiched between two white coated aluminium plates [1 + 3] has a low weight. Gallery quality for your original photo print under specialist resin. White back [4].

  • Ensures form stability and durability
  • Allows the creation of oversized and panorama formats
  • Presents photos behind a specialist resin with a timeless design
Made to measure with extra care: Your original photo print under specialist resin

We create your photo print under specialist resin in the dimensions you choose – to the exact centimetre. Our selection ranges from miniatures to XXL standard formats; alternatively you can choose a custom format like panorama or circular. You specify the aspect ratio.

  • Minimum size: 25 x 25 cm (10"x10"), Maximum size: 180 x 122 cm (70"x48")
Mountings and stands for laminates under specialist resin

All included in the price at WhiteWall: The aluminium rail on the back of the picture as standard allows uncomplicated and secure wall-mounting.

  • [1] Hooks: for pictures with edges of 25 cm (9.8") or less
  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 26 – 50 cm (10" - 19.7")
  • [3] Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 50 cm

  • Leaving things up to you: Laminates can also be delivered without any mounting
Laminate under specialist resin: Made to measure and safe to transport
safe to transport

The tailor-made and perfectly fitted cover of the ArtSecurity packaging protects your laminate under specialist resin perfectly and ensures that your delivery reaches you safe and sound.

  • Secure packaging for transport
  • Custom-made for your picture
ICC Colour Profiles

Our reliable Softproof colour management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching.
Download ICC profile here

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Professionals trust us more than any other photo lab. Multiple test wins and recommendations from specialist publications prove them right. Find out more

Specialist resin for special effects: An extravagant way to present your original photo print

We guarantee colour brilliance for many of our laminates. Absolutely! We simply love our original photo prints under acrylic glass and are very proud of the gallery quality we produce. For WhiteWall, that is standard. But there are some pictures that surpass all standards and we offer the opportunity to present these fantastic favourites with the extra flourish they deserve: Your original photo print under specialist resin is something truly special. It appears as if locked in eternal ice and offers a clarity and overwhelming colour intensity that it almost seems as if the moment itself was frozen in time. Specialist resin breathes life into your memories: with unrivalled shine, enormous depth of field and absolutely brilliant colours.

Object character: a crystal clear acrylic block for decorative presentations

You can also achieve an impressive depth of field with an unusual acrylic glass thickness: The acrylic block by WhiteWall comes in a thickness of 25 mm glass, turning your picture into an unusual object – a wonderful gift. It can be positioned free-standing anywhere you like and is a great object for those who travel a lot but still want to have their most important life moments right there wherever they go. Travel is not always a matter of choice or much fun. You may not be able to take the ones you love with you – but you can take a picture of them. A piece of home always by your side – as an acrylic block or a stand.

Matt acrylic glass instead of specialist resin: for laminates without distracting reflections

Not every image needs a dramatic, high-gloss appearance. Some benefit from a neutral, matter of fact presentation. Matt acrylic glass allows laminates with great depth of field and brilliant colours - without unwanted reflections or other distractions. Compare our acrylic products and learn about our latest highlight: laminates under specialist resin. Exclusively at WhiteWall. Every memory has its own personal value. Choose the right kind of laminate to bring out that value, because memories are even more beautiful if they are shared. Best thing of all: you can share them for 75 years – because that is the length of time during which we guarantee unfaded colour brilliance for your original photo prints under acrylic glass or specialist resin.