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  • High-end paper

    Für die
    for that extra
    special look

  • Unique look

    The deep frame
    in three
    different colours

  • Classic colours

    Classy and elegant
    in three
    different colours

  • Perfect presentation

    Four options for
    the ideal way
    to present your picture

  • Custom sizes

    Made in the
    size you want –
    to the centimetre

For a deeper impact: the shadow box frame

Real art has depth, and it never hurts to visually emphasize this. Quite the opposite, in fact! WhiteWall’s shadow box frame is a unique way to really put your photos in the spotlight. We offer four variations: free-floating, multiple layers with a window mat, flush to the edges, or with a white border. In its usual top-quality style, WhiteWall only uses first-class materials, starting with the high-end photo paper and continuing all the way up to the solid wood frame. The real wood veneer comes in brown, black, and white, and it makes these modern frames instant classics with a big impact. Though it is always an eye-catcher, the shadow box frame will fit in surprisingly well with the other pictures on your wall.

Minimum size: 15 x 15 cm (image size)
Maximum size: 180 x 120 cm (image size)

Mounting options:
Print on aluminium Dibond

Give your picture a deep accent with our original photo print on aluminium Dibond in a shadow box frame. Non-glare, with or without a white border.

Mounting options:
Print on Hahnemühle

An artist paper, Hahnemühle Fine Art Premium allows for brilliant colours and rich black tones. In a shadow box frame with an artistic white border, it really makes a big impression.

Mounting options:
Floating print on aluminium Dibond

Elevate your art with a brilliant colour print on “floating” aluminium Dibond. This really emphasizes the frame’s depth effect.

Mounting options:
Print on aluminium Dibond with passe-partout

In the modern shadow box frame, aluminium Dibond meets a thick or thin window mat (available in 7 different colours ) for a particularly layered look. An extraordinarily distinguished way to present your photo.

White borders for a classic appearance

Even if you want a clear-cut print on aluminium Dibond or Hahnemühle paper in a shadow box frame, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any additional effects. The classic white border gives your image an additional frame of sorts and an even more refined appearance. Whether you opt for an understated 1 cm or a bold 3 cm border – that’s up to you. Purists can, of course, go without the white border. After all, when it comes to art, more doesn’t always necessarily equal better.

White borders
The effective frame-work of WhiteWall

Your picture will look fantastic under crystal-clear, shatterproof acrylic glass, especially if you have a clear idea of the framing options. WhiteWall’s three shadow box frame options are all stylish ways to show off your work of art. Our solid wood frames are available with a White Maple veneer, a Black Oak veneer, or a Brown Alder veneer. With a width of 22 mm, the shadow box frame creates an optimal border around your image. The 60 mm depth guarantees a remarkable effect of depth and allows a space of 35 mm between the picture and the frame glass.

frame options
Add some colour into the mix: passe-partouts from WhiteWall

With 7 hues to choose from, we’re putting you up to quite a colourful challenge. However, we are confident that you will enjoy having such an embarrassment of riches at your disposal. For every image and every photographer, WhiteWall has just the right shade. All of our window mats are museum quality and help your picture achieve a really high-class look. As part of a shadow box frame, the passe-partouts strengthen the sense of depth and increase the complexity of the presentation.

WhiteWall won’t leave you hanging: the perfect wall mounting solution

What good is art, if you can’t hang it up? When it comes to picture hanging, WhiteWall doesn’t leave anything to chance. Like all of our framed products, the shadow box frame benefits from our many years of gallery experience; we deliver every framed picture with a practical aluminium rail, which comes pre-installed of course. This means it is immediately ready to go and also does away with complicated measurements. The rail keeps the frame suspended one centimetre above the wall, giving the shadow box frame a lightness that only enhances its overall effect.

WhiteWall ICC colour profiles

Not all risks are worth taking: When it comes to colours, the pros find it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have the technical expertise to use it and want to avoid any discrepancies in hue, WhiteWall offers a tried and true ICC colour profile for download here.

Formats & Prices

More information about formats and prices is available here.

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