Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass
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Photo paper : Kodak Metallic
Glass thickness: 2mm
Aluminium Dibond As A Backboard
Different Styles, Materials And Colours
Includes Easy To Use Aluminium Rail
Metallic gleam
Crystal Clear Acrylic Glass
Composite board
More than 80 frame models
Arrives Ready to Hang
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Brilliant Color
Color Management
with ICC Profiles

Kodak Metallic: Metallic Gleam For Your Real Photo Print

Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

A high-grade photo paper is paramount for top results. At WhiteWall, your real photo print will be exposed with modern laser technology and developed traditionally. Kodak Metallic paper is particularly suited for high-contrast images and night shots with many lights. Here, the bright areas have the most dynamic brilliance. Achieve exceptional effects:

  • [1] Elegant surface: metallic gleam with a high-gloss finish
  • [2] Vibrant colours: expressive images thanks to lush colouring
  • Colour-resistant paper: 75 years of colour brilliance guaranteed

Double Brilliance: Crystal Clear Acrylic Glass On Kodak Metallic Paper

Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass to order

We use light and shatterproof acrylic glass [1] for acrylic glass laminations of your real photo prints on Kodak Metallic [2]. The sturdy backboard made of aluminium Dibond [3] ensures additional stability and durability of your work. The brilliantly shining acrylic glass highlights the impression of depth of your image and intensifies the radiance of the colours. Behind acrylic glass, the real photo print on Kodak Metallic Paper has an even more vivid appearance and is protected additionally.

  • Glass thickness: 2mm for subtle acrylic glass effects
  • Effect: reinforced depth, radiant colours and strong contrasts
  • Protection: UV-protected for guaranteed colour brilliance and crystal clear materiality
  • [4] NEW: Optional Slimline Case – The perfect finishing touch for your acrylic photo – A subtle, aluminium frame just 0.5 cm deep and 1 mm wide.

Long-Lasting Stability And Timeless Design: Aluminium Dibond As A Backboard

Aluminium Dibond with a thickness of 1/8? (3mm) ensures reliable sturdiness as a backboard for your top-quality lamination. The composite board consists of three components: 2 coated aluminum panels in platinum white [1], [3] with a black polyethylene core [2]. The low net weight of this three-layered system enables a straightforward and professional presentation in gallery quality.

  • Reliable statics and consistent visual appearance
  • Ideally suited also for oversize and panoramic formats
  • Professional presentation with a timeless design under acrylic
Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass create
The Product Of Your Dreams In A Customized Format: Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass
Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass offer

At WhiteWall, we produce prints on Kodak Metallic under acrylic glass in your desired format - tailored to your demand and with maximum accuracy. The aspect ratios from 3.5?x3.5? (9x9cm) to 70?x48? (180x120cm) can be chosen freely and the corners are rounded upon request. You have many options for your format. We offer standard formats in sizes ranging from Mini to XXL, portrait or landscape formats, your lamination as a square or in special forms such as panoramic or round format.

  • Minimum size: 3.5?x3.5? (9 x 9 cm)
  • Maximum size: 70?x48? (180 x 120 cm)

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Extra Focus For Your Metallic Print Behind Acrylic Glass: A Variety Of Frames

Create Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

Laminations made of acrylic glass offer a timeless design and can be integrated everywhere. To highlight your personal style, you can also have your photo framed on Kodak Metallic. The unique, distinctive character of your work will therefore stand out even better. More than 80 frame models in different styles, materials and colours allow for a personalized design to suit all tastes. The frame already comes with a mounting bracket.

  • Style: modern, country, classic or loft
  • Manufacturing: handmade at our carpentry workshop
  • Fabbricazione: a mano nella nostra falegnameria

    More info on our frames >

Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass Arrive Ready To Hang

The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely. Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price:

  • [1] Hooks: for pictures with edges of 9.8? (25 cm) or less
  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 10? - 19.7? (26 – 50 cm)
  • [3] Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 19.7? (50 cm)
  • Upon request, you can order your Photo Print Under Acyrlic Glass without wall-mounts
  • All of the above are compatible with gallery ledges

Custom And Secure Packaging For Shipping Your Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass

Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass For Shipping

Your Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass is securely packaged for delivery in tailor-made cartons. The made-to-measure padded cover protects your art during transport and ensures it will reach you in pristine condition.

  • Custom and Secure Packaging
ICC profiles
Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass ICC profiles
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Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass Formats and Prices
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More Flamboyance: With Photo Prints on Kodak Metallic Paper

Brilliant Duo: Kodak Metallic and Shiny Acrylic Glass

Splendid Memories: Acrylic Glass Products as Photo Gifts

Sometimes, events are more glamorous in our memories than in reality. So what? Give things the brightness that the happenings deserve in your opinion: with the Kodak Metallic Paper. The green of the evening dress was much more intense in reality? The billboards in Tokio are actually much brighter? Just use the effect of Kodak Metallic to make the colours shine and to add radiance to the light points. The metallic gleam of the high-gloss surface looks modern and glamorous so that the photos will not fall short of your memories. In case you look for further products with metallic gloss, please also consider our direct print on brushed aluminium. This print is suitable for sheltered outdoor areas as well.

The more, the better! You will achieve maximum brilliance with laminations under shiny acrylic glass. Of course, its a matter of taste. But different tastes also stand for diversity. A macro shot of an engagement ring is tacky? We dont think so. An XXL format of your favourite classic car is exaggerated? no way! Capture touching moments with lasting pictures. Present your memories to your liking: in high gloss or matte, coloured or black and white, with smooth gradations or harsh contrasts. With us, you can design your pictures the way you see them in your memory.

For those who wish to gift acrylic glass products - be it as a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift - we offer diverse variants to suit different tastes. Acrylic glass creates an impressive sense of depth. Simply choose the right photo paper for your image: the classic Fuji Crystal DP II for all kinds of works and different image contrasts or the Ilford B/W, the first choice for black and white photography with fade protection, contrast depth and accurate gray scale images. By the way, acrylic glass laminations are also available with matte acrylic glass. For smaller formats, our acrylic glass stands or the acrylic block are suitable options, too. The right choice for every occasion and taste!