Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Creating your photo book online
2. Photo books from PDF files
How do I create my photo book online?

You can create your photo book online directly through the WhiteWall website..

Select the book options and format and get started now.

What is the minimum number of pages? What is the maximum?

Premium Digital Print – Formats & Page Counts

Premium Digital Photo Books Formats Number of Pages
Softcover Small Landscape (20,4 x 15,0 cm)

Standard Portrait (20,4 x 27,0 cm)

Small Square (18,5 x 18,5 cm)
24 - 144 Pages

24 - 144 Pages

24 - 144 Pages
Hardcover, Linen, Softcover, Leather Small Landscape (20,8 x 15,6 cm)

Standard Portrait (20,8 x 27,6 cm)

Small Square (18,9 x 18,9 cm)

Standard Landscape (30,2 x 21,6 cm)

Large Square (30,4 x 30 cm)

Large Landscape cm (40,4 x 30 cm)
24 - 144 Pages

24 - 144 Pages

24 - 144 Pages

24 - 252 Pages

36 - 252 Pages

36 - 252 Pages
Where can I find the photo book prices?

You can find the prices of our photo books under Formats & Prices.
While creating your photo book online, you can change the number of pages and even the book’s format at any time. The price will be adjusted automatically.

Shipping Costs

How fast can you deliver my photo book?

Your photo book will generally arrive within five working days of you approving it for print. WhiteWall sends your photo book quickly and securely with DHL.

When your book is shipped, you will be notified in an e-mail that includes a tracking number.

We cannot deliver to a parcel delivery station. Should you be out during attempted delivery, a notice will be left for you, so you can make contact and arrange for delivery at a suitable time.

Books from PDF Files

How can I create a photo book from a PDF?

WhiteWall enables those who use professional design programs like InDesign® or QuarkXPress® to create a photo book to their exact specifications. Simply design it, then upload on WhiteWall and order. We deliver your best photos in a bound book of WhiteWall’s traditional premium quality.
Please note that presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint® are not suitable for creating high-quality print-ready photo books and cannot be used for this purpose.

Where can I find the specifications for creating the PDF files?

The exact dimensions and measurements for the WhiteWall photo book of your choice are available online and must be adhered to when you create your PDFs. That way, you’ll receive a perfectly trimmed and bound photo book exactly as you imagined it. We also offer Adobe InDesign® templates and Job Options that take all oft he necessary settings into account. You can get started selecting a WhiteWall photo book here.

Which photo books can be ordered via PDF upload?

You can order all of WhiteWall’s photo books via PDF upload. All of the cover and format options are available. You can out more about all the possibilities in the photo book section of our site.

What do photo books ordered through PDF upload cost?

The same prices apply as through the online ordering method. Once you’ve selected the photo book options you want in step one, the price will be displayed as soon as you click on the Show measurements and details button.